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We offer Tensile Membrane Fabric, which is renowned for its high strength, tear resistance and excellent panel welding. Our Tensile Membrane Fabric is manufactured with premium quality plastic materials, which ensures its high tensile strength and pressure force. Our Tensile Membrane Fabrics are available at the market leading prices.
Tensile Membrane Fabric
Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric
Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric
Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric
Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tensile Membrane Fabric Tents
Tents Tents    
The Fabric has been designed for the architectural application by keeping three main basic components in consideration :
High tenacity polyester WIWK fabric, which has an advantage of high resistance to tear as compared to woven fabric on weight-to-weight ratio
We use PVC based formulation with polymeric flexibilizers to improve the flexible life and reduce plasticizer migration. Special pigments are used to provide diffused light effect.
A topcoat of PVDF is applied, which has better resistance to UV light and dirt repellent properties thus increasing the life of the fabric. We are the only company currently in India with expertise to apply it.

When fabric is used in tensioned structures, it forms the integral part of the support system.  It provides a wealth of opportunity to exploit in the design process through its elegance and natural response to pre-stress loading.

Novell is proud to present the Naizil range of Architectural fabrics, which incorporate (with the exception of PS 680) the advanced Titan W surface lacquer. The effectiveness of Titan W in reducing plasticiser migration, the primary cause of discolouration and ultimate degeneration of the fabric, has been proven through both exhaustive laboratory testing and field use.

Not all applications necessitate the use of a formally rated, Titan W fabric, particularly small fabric structures where extended life is not the primary concern. In this context, the PS 680 range is ideal with its Acrylic lacquer, wide choice of colours and competitive pricing.

Naizil structurally rated fabrics are classified by ‘type’, that is the European system of ranking these fabrics by their physical properties (i.e. their break and tear strengths). Essentially, the inherent differences between the ‘types’ stem from the size of yarn and density of weave in the reinforcing scrim, coupled with the thickness of the applied PVC coating. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the fabric, the stronger it is.


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