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"Novell" manufactures one of the world's most reliable and safe flexitanks. To corroborate this fact our flexi tank was successfully tested at the TTCI test centre at Pueblo and cleared all the impact tests and criteria as stipulated under COA conditions. Also being used by various prestigious organizations in the world further strengthens our stand as most reliable flexitank. We are proud to call ourselves as the most cost effective flexi tank provider in the market, thanks to efficient manpower and effective management. Our tanks are available in various capacities from 16000 liters to 24000 liters. All our tanks have approvals from the FDA, BGA and the Japanese canning authority and they are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified production facility.

Our Flexi Tanks are made up of multi layered polyethylene with a woven polypropylene outer cover, Fitted with 2’ or 3’ valves. According to the cargo’s viscosity and specific gravity, we recommend the loading and discharging method of the liquid. Based on the loading and discharging method we offer various types of flexitanks
One Way Flexi Tank
One Way Flexi Tank One Way Flexi Tank
Top Load Top Discharge
Our tanks are available with a fill or empty hose assembly fitted or just with a surface mounted valve.

Bottom load Bottom Discharge
Our tanks are available with bottom loading valve secured in the bottom right section of the bulkhead frame.

Top Load Bottom Discharge
Our tanks are available with both top and bottom valves are fixed.
Accessories :
Bulk Head
Bulk Head
The metal bulk head with a unique design offers the cargo greater safety. Our most popular design includes two bars supplied as one unit. This helps in providing enhanced protection to the valve during  transportation.
Bulk Liquid Thermo Liner
Bulk Liquid Thermo Liner
Manufactured out of pp laminated with MET PET and PET, providing excellent barrier properties against oxygen migration. Also provides robust interface protection between the walls of the container and the flexitank. It provides excellent insulation properties. Can be envisaged in box form or blanket form.
Heater pad 
Heater pad 
Designed and engineered specifically to use with our flexi tank, to ensure the product can be brought to a liquid state when the customer needs to unload the product. Its user friendly design enables ease in installation.
Services :
Installation and filling of Flexi Tanks
Our associate offices across the world are empowered by experienced professionals who make the task of loading the flexitanks a simple one. All the customers will be provided with our assistance and guidance to load the liquid cargo.

Unloading the Flexi tank

Our network strength enables us to offer unloading services in any part of the world. Any small complications in unloading the cargo is taken sincerely and given a special care to see that the high valued cargo is unloaded safely.

Installation of accessories

Other accessories like Bulk liquid thermal liner, Heater pad, PE Bin will be recommended and installed by us with special care depending on the state and nature of cargo. It helps the customers to avoid the risk of getting their cargo contaminated by external environmental factors like oxidation, temperature.

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